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Amazon 2018 !

Amazon 2018 !
Peru is the source of the Amazon River and this is your chance to get a deep look into the people, plants and animals of this corner of the Amazon.  Throw away all your preconceptions; this trip will surprise you around every corner.  For example the average temperature in June is less than 80 degrees F.  Worried about biting insects?  No problem, this time of year you can wear shorts and tee shirt and not be bothered at all (hard to believe but true!).
You will need a sense of adventure. This is not a champagne and caviar cruise ship option but we do get up close and personal with the wild life by using a local guides and non-motorized dugout canoes.   Accommodation is in remote villages and jungle huts on stilts, clean and comfortable but don’t expect wi-fi! This is a peaceful and quiet way to see the animals of the Pacaya Samiria. With a max of 2 clients in a canoe you will be free relax and let your guide point out the amazing wildlife as you drift along.  The narrow waterways mean that you are under the dappled light of the tree canopy most of the time.  Sun bathing and waterhole swimming are an unexpected surprise.
Whit has been to this part of the Peruvian jungle several years in a row and is leading another trip in June 2018.  Take the weight off your feet and join us !

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