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"the rescue scenarios were informative and fun"

Really enjoyed the course with Aspiring Guides. We covered a lot of information in the prep evening, but it never felt rushed or too much to take in. Bronwyn, our guide for the course, was very helpful and allowed everyone time to ask questions and give our interpretation of what was being discussed. The field day at Cardrona was a great way to put the evening's theory into practice. Again we were given plenty of time and help to get to know and use the equipment and the rescue scenarios were informative and fun. This was a really enjoyable course and the knowledge I learned and shared with the great group of people who participated will surely be invaluable in my future ventures into the backcountry. Aspiring Guides and Bronwyn delivered above and beyond of what I expected.

Deb, Australia

" I would highly recommend this course and the whole company for anyone wanting to experience the wild outdoors!"

I took part in the one and half day avalanche awareness course with Aspiring Guides and learnt so much!! All the staff and guides are super lovely people, very knowledgeable and experienced, and I came away from the course with some awesome photos, very achy legs and most importantly a new respect for the mountains! The course taught me a lot about avalanches, and in the field we practiced things like safe travel techniques, recognising avalanche terrain, and the proper use of shovel, probe and transceiver in a rescue effort. I would highly recommend this course and the whole company for anyone wanting to experience the wild outdoors!

Bethany, New Zealand

"Spot on, but challenging"

Spot on challenging but within our skill set. I felt safe and assured with Andrea at all times. The whole experience was amazing and something I will never forget.  Boarding down is always the highlight but going up is all part of it.  Safe, well conducted at all levels from the office to the guide.


Mark, Australia, Split boarder

Extremely masterful fusion of professionalism & casualness

The course met my expectations and pushed me quite a bit beyond my existing experience & knowledge levels.  I felt completely confident & at ease at all times with our guide Andrea. I really enjoyed the  safety tutorials/classes (avalanche safety, snow anchor theory, skinning technique, steep ski descents), the practical tips & hints on a range of techniques & activities (eg ski crampon usage, belaying without a belay device), the awesome terrain & landscape, and Andrea's cooking. I was impressed by the calmly positive & friendly attitude of all the Aspiring Guides team I interacted with - no big egos or haughty manners!  Thanks for a great time, Andrea & everyone. You have a very slick, smooth service that really provides great value for $.

Kirk, Australia

Absolutely recommend!

Did not previously appreciate the risks and feel significantly more competent and aware in the back country now. Great course! Would recommend to anyone looking at doing more back country.
Thanks for a great 4 days!

Andy, New Zealand 2018

Builds on learnings from the 1 day Avalanche Awareness Course

Great extension on the shorter one day Avalanche Awareness Course. Going to different ski areas/ terrain provided new experiences/ observations. Anyone considering Avalanche Stage 1 needs to have completed this course. Great, excellent communication, skills, encouragement, fun.

Stephen, Wanaka, New Zealand

"A course well run"

Mark was full of great stories and advice. I really liked his practical approach to assessing snow conditions, reading maps and slopes etc.  He was always keen to chat about snow, mountains, judgements etc. Climbing up to the ridge of Remarkables with a strong NW wind and looking down at the slope thinking.. oh #$@!... but then working though our learnings with Tubbs to make an assessment and then actually committing to it was really rewarding... also learning more about skinning uphill and reading conditions. I feel more knowledgable, yet realistic that there's so much more to learn and get time in the mountains. There's so much to know and it's super interesting. Four days is just the tip of the iceberg, but it really supports everything else I know about the outdoors. It's great doing the back country skiing (of course) but learning all the time about the NZ mountain weather and snow just adds to the bigger picture. 

Nik, New Zealand

" a challenging back country snowboarding opportunity"

I was looking for a challenging back country snowboarding opportunity for myself and my 12 year old son. It was a father and son trip so I wanted it to be memorable, fun, but also a big learning opportunity. Splitboarding was something neither of us had done.  The opportunity to stay at Robrosa Hut was ideal also. Day 2 was an absolutely beautiful day with great snow, total isolation, and the whole mountain to ourselves. The trip wouldn’t have been the same without our guide Jimmy's good nature, knowledge and professionalism. Ben and I now have a well embedded mantra of “what would Jimmy do” whenever decisions need to be made. The backcountry is a perfect metaphor for lifelong learning given the varying conditions on a daily basis. Jimmy was able to make that very clear to Ben in a very teachable way.

Michael, Australia

Backcountry Snowboard & Ski Touring Course

I liked the ability to stay on mountain at Rob Rosa hut during course and the fact that the course was more tailored for beginners. Good to get hands on experience and exposure to avalanche skills suitable to NZ & Australian conditions.  It has increased my confidence level (to a safe level) in moving around safely in avalanche terrain (or best still avoiding it all together) 


David Michell

Power skiing is my favourite kiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of skiing

How can I say enough about this experience? The location: OMG simply stunning backdrop. The private Rob Rosa huts are well organised and, well, very private. The 15 minute heli ride in was pure joy and anticipation. The course: they delivered big time on avalanche knowledge including theory & practical; a relevant and succinct manual was provided (to keep), as well as a laminated map for each course participant; I learned much more than expected.  The skiing: we were fortunate with 3 great weather days plus one snow/rain day in the middle that was firmly seized to deliver theory & practical; meaning that the fair-weather days were used for ski touring & on-mountain snowpack analysis from sun-up to sun-down, most of it on virgin powder. We summitted Mt Pisa on day 1 and the walk out on day 4 was extended to 12.5 km to achieve additional powder runs. The guide: saving the best for last, it would be hard to imagine a more positive or motivated guide than Mark Evans. Mark, thank you for your thoroughness, your thoughtfulness, your focus on keeping us safe and imparting knowledge, but most importantly for your unbridled love of ski touring. "Power skiing is my favourite kiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of skiing!" This course is not for the unfit, or for the beginning skier. However if you love nature, skiing, earning your thrills and taking responsibility for your own safety then I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Steve, Australia

Everything I'd dreamt of...

“The trip was everything I'd dreamt of ski touring the Southern Alps, and much more!  I enjoyed this trip soooo much!  I can't wait to return in a couple years.”

Bill Lingle, USA

Great teacher with the skills...

Backcountry Day Tour:  "Whit knew I was a bit nervous about this new adventure and was great in giving me confidence about the whole activity. He was friendly, approachable, great teacher with the skins. I loved being in an area where there were no other skiers around, but still felt safe." 

Barbara, NZ

What did you think about the information you received about your upcoming trip?

Perfect! In particular, the information on your website is very very good. I would even say that it sets the standard for any trip description and information. It allowed me to understand exactly what I was signing up for and prepare myself and my gear accordingly. I really appreciate that kind of information up front, allowing me to make an informed decision to go on the trip or not.

Bob Wigetman

Norway Skiing

"Exquisite snow that goes all the way to the beach! A thoroughly unique and memorable backcountry skiing experience! There are not many places left where outstanding wilderness back country skiing, combined with excellent logistics and accommodation can be had without paying a small fortune.  Somehow Whitney managed to pull it off."

Fantastic Fresh Turns at the Remarkables

My mates and I went on a single day backcountry tour in the Wye Saddle/Wye creek out the back of the Remarkables on 16 August 2017. It was 3 days after a storm that delivered 30cm of fresh snow. While the resort was tracked out days before, our guide took us to some stashes where we found some fantastic fresh turns. Some of my mates had not been in the backcountry before and the guide was very helpful in showing them how to use the Alpine Touring gear and skins. He also conducted a quick training session on avalanche safety gear. We had a truly fantasitc day with Andrea.

David T, Queensland, Australia

We are still recovering but we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks so much for such an awesome few days in the Pisa Range - remote location, amazing conditions, Dan, our guide, was super informative re snow conditions, safety and general mountain tips. Loved skiing a line and looking back up at it and then the relief of making it back to the top again - that satisfaction of getting some great lines after you have done all the hard work to get there!  And thanks for the big, hearty, warm meals.  Smooth and professional operation, amazing experience.


Poppy & Joel, Australia


It was perfect. Couldn’t speak highly enough about the guides and the trip. Top draw.

Bill, New Zealand

I had an awesome day.

“I had an awesome day.  Adrian was fantastic and did an amazing job of meeting the group's needs.  He found us great snow along with some great touring info.”

Anthony Dawkins, Australia

Beautiful glacier environment!

Positive ski mountaineering experience and beautiful glacier environment! Great experienced guide in Dan, super professional,  extremely hard working. Food was great and plentiful. 

David, California, USA

Trip of a lifetime...

It was a wonderful learning experience. It was great to learning safe travel practices for glaciers,  ski the glaciers and experience the mountains of NZ.  Trip of a lifetime! It opened up a whole new world to me.

Aaron, USA

Once in a lifetime

I would 100% recommend Aspiring Guides, it was a once in a lifetime trip for me. 
Our guide Dan made sure we got the most out of the conditions that were available to us and actually it meant we got to experience three different back country areas instead of just one so it worked out better than I even hoped for. Despite being the least experienced ski tourer in the group I felt comfortable and safe at all times.


Friyana, United Kingdom 2018

"Skiable terrain at your front door"

Favourite part of the trip was being in the mountains and having skiable terrain (for all levels) at your front door.  It was a positive experience and I would do it again.  Aspiring Guides are very professional, friendly and safe.

David, Australia, August 2017

Ticked ALL the boxes!

A relaxing getaway with an old mate combined with a cool lodge and back country skiing. Awesome slopes.  Staying at WhareKea Chalet was an amazing place with awesome facilities and luxury beds with a view of the milky way!  Back country ski touring with a guide in remote locations takes all the stress out of making decisions.

Murray, Hamilton, New Zealand

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