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Highlight of our trip to New Zealand!

Yes, I would absolutely recommend this trip.  Great way to experience the beauty of New Zealand. This was the highlight of our 3 week trip to New Zealand.

Mitch, USA - Upper Wilkin Gillespie Pass Wild Walk

...lovely scenery, challenging..

I chose this Wild Walk because there are no huts, few people, and it's wild. I recommend it for the lovely scenery, and the walk is challenging. Tim is a superb guide. High quality walk. I liked it.

Francsois, Feb 2017

Off the beaten track

"Off the beaten track trips appeal to me. Loved the impressive views all the way along. Bivying out.  Accessing an area that few people get to see. Being away from crowded tracks. Oh...and the tomato relish :0)))) I'm delighted to have had an enjoyable trip in and out of this hidden gem."

Michelle, New Zealand, Feb 2017

Something different from a Great Walk!

Finding a tramp that wasn't one of the Great Walks and that was achievable for us who haven't tramped in a while.Many thanks for a memorable trip for John and myself, that was what we wanted and we got it.

Carole Handin, NZ

Jess was thoroughly professional and focused on safety.

It was very challenging but we chose to have a guide due to the difficulty of this route. Our day across the saddle was long and pretty arduous with thigh deep creek crossing at the end..!! But the view was spectacular and well worth it!  Jess was thoroughly professional and focused on safety. She did a great job in getting us to the top. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance... I doubt we would have made it otherwise (and still be on speaking terms anyway). I would recommend this trip for friends who wanted a real challenge and had done the 'easy' walks already. Amazingly fulfilling experience for all of us!  The girls are planning their next trip of course...

Hewitt Family, Australia

Keen to come back

Custom Wild Walk:  "I loved NZ, the people, the wildlife, the picturesque scenery, and the humor, efficiency, and professionalism of the AG staff.  I would definitely like to come back. "

Mary Miller, USA

Gillespie Pass : A small group experience...

"We were very confident that Aspiring Guides would give us the small group experience we were looking for. I loved the Valley walking and the experience of the other people on the trip  I also loved how beautiful the scenery was, just so unlike what we get in Australia. It was stunning.  I was so impressed by Michael as our guide. He actually made the trip for me. While relatively young in years, his experience really shone and the way he dealt with people of differing ages and experiences was just so impressive. I learned a lot from him over the few days.My overall impression of Aspiring Guides from this particular trip was that it's a very professionally run organisation and you guys know what you're doing. It must get exhausting trying to make everyone's experience special and unique when you've done a trip so many times - but you guys do an excellent job of this and I felt very grateful. I survived and am looking forward to my next hike :)"

Jess, Australia

Sitting up on Gillespie Pass on such a beautiful day for a few hours was just magnificent.

Gillespie Pass 2017 : "Often in Australia the news broadcast starts off with "a tourist was completely under-prepared for the conditions….', and either died or had to be rescued.  I knew that I could trust Carla to keep me safe so that I could focus on just enjoying my trip.  The Train2Trek program was a great asset for Jo especially (simply because she is unfortunate enough to be chained to a desk 8 hours a day). The training helped her with muscle strength, fitness and endurance. Carla made sure that the pace of the walk was suited to us both. I knew that crossing that mountain would be tough, and I loved it.  Sitting up there on such a beautiful day for a few hours was just magnificent."

Dan & Jo, Australia

Amazing view made it all worth it...

Gillespie Pass 4-day:  “Although it was difficult steep route- the end result and amazing view made it all worth it.  We were able to relax while enjoying the beautiful views of the natural scenery . A very relaxing, stress free trip. George ensured river crossings were safe before we attempted them and the regular weather updates also ensured that we didn't end up in a dangerous situation on Gillepsie Pass. Everything from food to accommodation was very well organised making it an enjoyable trip. ”  

George and teenage children, Sydney Australia

The best tramp in NZ?

The impression given of the level of difficulty was very accurate. It was just right for me - sometimes demanding but not exhausting. The precautions on the potentially dangerous areas were absolutely great - I never felt at risk. George was very hands-off at other times but we were experienced walkers, so I think he judged it pretty well. I'd highly recommended this Wild Walk to anyone who's after a spectacular walk and fit enough to do it. The best tramp in NZ? Would do it again in a heartbeat. Superbly organised with the food and gear stashes. 

Philip, Australia - Gillespie-Rabbit 2017

An incredible experience

"It was such an incredible experience, I felt so proud to have made it over both passes and it has certainly boosted my enthusiasm to get out into the wilderness more regularly. Stunning scenery.
I've told so many friends about Aspiring Guides and specifically the walk we did."


Cat Owen, Australia

All features surpassed expectations.

Rabbit Pass 4-day:  Did you achieve what you wanted from your trip?  -  Yes and more!  As it was more challenging than I had expected it made for a different, and more rewarding, experience.  All features surpassed expectations – Jo, the scenery, the weather, the challenge, food and accommodation”  

Liam Prescott, Australia

Upper Wilkin Experience : Loved it !

"Jo challenged us with river walks but we never felt unsafe.  She was very instructive and made sure we all understood what we were to do.  She took very good care of us.  I like a bit of a challenge and like pushing myself just a little more than I am comfortable.  This was definitely achieved especially with the river walks.  We saw beautiful scenery, got some very good exercise and spent some quality time with friends, both old and new.The walk up to the foot of Rabbit Pass was my favourite - there was a variety of terrain, a beautiful day, a nice long walk and a great lunch spot!"

Pat & Greg, Canada

Our guide was very caring

Upper Wilkin 4-day:  "Our guide was very caring, always there when needed but unobtrusive, so we could also have some private/family time, in control and knowing what he was doing. His caring for our hungry and tired bodies with cups of tea and lovely food was excellent. We all had fun together and spent some valuable bonding time in the midst of the most beautiful landscape. We would recommend this trip absolutely. It was great for our family because it is a good, safe and a less stressful way of having this wonderful experience (having a guide, cook, motivator, organizier with you)."

Susanne Mechtersheimer and family, Australia

Relax. Enjoy time with your family!

We all had fun together and spent some valuable bonding time in the midst of the most beautiful landscape. We would recommend this trip absolutely. It was great for our family because it is a good, safe and a less stressful way of having this wonderful experience (having a guide, cook, motivator, organizier with you).

Mechtersheimer family, Australia

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