Alpine Climbing in New Zealand

    Alpine climbing in New Zealand is likely completely different to other mountain areas that you may have visited. In this post, Chief Guide Tim Steward discusses the differences, and the importance of flexibility in the face of New Zealand's wild weather. 

    Tim Steward - Chief Guide


    Locals Mountaineering Course + Sharpen Up Opportunities

    Summer alpine missions are calling! Need to sharpen up before heading to the hills? Check out our Labour Weekend Locals Mountaineering Course and other Sharpen Up opportunities to get you mountain-ready.



    With so many trails in New Zealand to choose from, and so much variation among them, it can be hard to know what to expect when you're planning a trip through our amazing backcountry.


    Training to succeed with Base Camp Training

    Chase Tucker from Base Camp Training in Brisbane gives us a brief rundown on on how to set your mind and body up for success in the mountains.

    Chase Tucker


    Blue skies for days!

    This December we were blessed with a seemingly endless weather window, which meant for amazing conditions on Mt Cook and no less than 11 successful summits for our lucky clients and guides! 


    Wild Walks Progression

    A common query is how our Wild Walks compare in terms of difficulty. It is not completely clear cut but this chart gives an indication on how they compare.  

    Tim Steward - Chief Guide


    Clothing Layering Strategies

    The benefits with layering clothing in the outdoors is well known. The traditional approach of the 3 layers (base, mid and outer) assume that conditions and level of activity will remain relatively constant during the course of the day. With alpine climbing,  ...

    Tim Steward - Chief Guide IFMGA


    Hiking in Avalanche Terrain

    Hiking in the winter months is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand.  No crowds (no one at all usually!) and stunning snow covered peaks can make for fantastic hiking.  Hit the weather right and you can have a wilderness experience like no other...

    Whit Thurlow, Chief Guide


    Michael Hoare, Wild Walks guide

    From Australia’s Larapinta trail to NZ’s Gillespie-Rabbit Passes...


    How to pack for your tramp – the art of shoving and stripping!

    Nothing screams ‘beginner’ more than a lopsided, unbalanced pack with stuff hanging on the outside. Not only does it look very unkempt it also isn’t doing you any favors in winning the comfortable pack award.  So... ‘just where do I...

    Frankie, Wild Walks Guide


    Are traditional maps and GPS obsolete?

    Your phone works as a GPS? There are lots of GPS apps that work on your smart phone and if you spend heaps of time in the back country you are a mug not to get onboard the phone revolution.  For a small amount of money you can not only have a great GPS but...

    Whitney Thurlow
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