Which Walk is Right for Me

Which Walk is Right for Me?

  • I love mountains and want to make the most of the time I spend on my trip.

  • I want to see the best that New Zealand mountains have to offer.

  • I appreciate the difference in where I can go in a group of 2-4 people compared to a group of 12 or more people.

  • I don't want a bus tour or to feel like I am stuck in the slow lane on the tourist highway.

  • I want to go some place I am unlikely to get to without local knowledge and expertise

  • I would like to do a longer trip but don't want to travel overseas or carry an expedition weight pack.

and ...

1.  I am pretty fit and do quite a bit of hiking where I live. I have never used a guide before but I would like to tackle something different than the usual. I have good balance and don't mind a challenge.

* Gillespie Rabbit Pass Traverse 8 day
* Rabbit Pass 4 day


2.  I am not a mountaineer but I have never been on glaciers before and would like to see what they are like. I am quite fit and get regular exercise and have good balance. Rough steep tracks do not bother me; I don't mind being pushed to my limit at as long as I feel good enough the next day to keep going.

* Aspiring Glacier Expedition -  3 day


3. I like high alpine areas, steep tracks and passes but I do have a slight fear of heights and do not really want to feel scared at any point. I am fit and enjoy a good work out.

* Gillespie Pass 4 day
* Mt Aspiring Discovery 3 day


4.  I enjoy mountain flora and fauna and have heard that the Mountains in New Zealand are quite unique and I would like to see the best it has to offer. I don't mind hills or some rough track but I like to go at my own pace and do not want to feel rushed. I am fairly fit and do a lot of walking but I am not fast. I do not want to carry a heavy pack.

* Upper Wilkin Experience 4 day
* Aspiring Discovery 3 day


5. I am organizing an adventure group to visit New Zealand. I would like an all inclusive trip (hiking, accommodation, transport, meals) organized that with match the ability level and expectations of my group.

* Group trips


6.  I don't want to get my feet wet and would like a smooth track without a lot of up and down. I want a hot shower every night and a choice of mains at dinner. I would like to mingle with lots of other people just like me and avoid any form of discomfort at all times.

Sorry, you will have to see someone else for a trip like that.


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