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Top choice on Mt Dixon Tim!

James Spaile, Australia

"It was an awesome day.  Tim lead up a gully maybe only 10-15m in length at the start of the climb on Dixon.  That climb up the gully was awesome, something I haven't experienced before! Tim pushed me out of my comfort zone a few times which afterwards was very satisfying. As a punter, It's possible to climb in an amazing part of the world.  You can push yourself (or be pushed) and be really satisfied with the outcome.  

I know the safety of climbers is paramount with Aspiring Guides and Tim displayed all the safety aspects I could have hoped for which is always reassuring.

I also know that the back up support from the guys in the office will ensure a trip will run smoothly. Last minute travel and accommodation changes help to make these trips special. "

More Information

We have a range of venues available.  Not being tied to one location allows you pick an area based on factors such as weather or snow conditions.  Here are two popular locations, Westland National Park and Mount Aspiring National Park.

A typical West Coast venue could include ascents of:

Minarets --- grade 2
Jervois --- grade 2+
Mt Lendenfeld --- grade 2 (from Marcel Col)
Mt Lendenfeld, Hamilton Berry Route --- grade3+
Mt Haidinger, West Ridge --- grade 3
Douglas Peak – grade 5

In the Mount Aspiring Area peaks can include:

Rolling Pin --- grade 2
Mt Bevan --- grade 2
Avalanche Peak --- grade 2
Mt Aspiring, North West Ridge --- grade 2
Mt Aspiring, South West Ridge  --- grade 3+
Mt Aspiring, South Face --- grade 4+

Our 1:1 guide ratio applies for our more technical climbs; alternatively a 1:2 guide ratio allows you to develop a climbing partnership on less demanding, but rewarding routes.

Comprehensive trip notes are supplied, which will assist in your trip planning, equipment selection and purchase advice, what you can expect to be doing on a day to day basis, and much more. A reasonable standard of fitness makes any mountain experience more fulfilling.

Available Dates

Available at any time subject to guide availability.




Technical Difficulty

Summit Weeks are privately guided trips so you can make it as hard or easy as you like.  There are “walk up” peaks for first timers or you can tackle some of the hardest routes in the Southern Alps!  Glacier travel, crampon and ice axe skills, and technical rope work will all be required but don’t worry, for those new to the sport or needing a refresher, our guides will start right at the beginning.

Physical Difficulty

With just you and your guide you will be able to push yourself as hard as you like!  Alpine climbing is a strenuous activity and the better shape you are in the more you will be able to achieve.  We supply a complete physical workout program for those wanting to get in shape for their trip.

Price Details

Guide Ratio Price
1:1 NZ $8,350
1:2 NZ $4,600
What's Included
  • meals and energy snacks
  • alpine hut / tent accommodation
  • national park & guide fees
  • 15% goods and services tax.
  • technical equipment - see equipment section below for details 
  • 1 day weather contingency

Itinerary / Trip Options (multi)

Build your own trip

Summit Weeks come in all shapes and sizes.  We usually meet at our office in Wanaka at 8:30 on the first day of the trip.  Here you will meet you guide and do any last minute equipment and food organizing.  Though our correspondence we will have a good idea of you objectives and your guide will discuss with you the trip plan as well as weather and conditions.

Aspiring Guides location in Wanaka is your secret weapon.  We have easy access to our local Mt Aspiring National Park as well as both the east and west side of Mt Cook National Park.  With a wide variety of venues to choose from we can design a course that will take advantage of where the weather and conditions are best.


Equipment Details

This video provides practical demonstration of the common equipment and clothing required for mountaineering.

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