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Huaraz is located centally in the Cordilla Blanca Range, Peru's highest mountains. Double click to zoom or click on Earth for 3D.



Top choice on Mt Dixon Tim!

James Spaile, Australia

"It was an awesome day.  Tim lead up a gully maybe only 10-15m in length at the start of the climb on Dixon.  That climb up the gully was awesome, something I haven't experienced before! Tim pushed me out of my comfort zone a few times which afterwards was very satisfying. As a punter, It's possible to climb in an amazing part of the world.  You can push yourself (or be pushed) and be really satisfied with the outcome.  

I know the safety of climbers is paramount with Aspiring Guides and Tim displayed all the safety aspects I could have hoped for which is always reassuring.

I also know that the back up support from the guys in the office will ensure a trip will run smoothly. Last minute travel and accommodation changes help to make these trips special. "

More Information

After acclimatizing in Huaraz on several high altitude trekking trails, the climbing starts in the Ishinca Valley, famous for it’s spectacular vertical relief with peaks up to 6,000m surrounding this lovely valley. Using donkeys, we establish a base camp at 4,350m and climb two peaks, Ishinca and Tocllaraju. The views of the surrounding Cordillera Blanca are unforgettable. From here we move to the technically challenging Chopicalqui. We place two camps above base camp before tackling the up to 60 degree snow and ice ridge leading to the summit.

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Available Dates

Trip Dates Status
2019 3 - 21 June COMPLETED




Climbers need to be fit and have previous crampon and ice axe experience. You do not need previous experience at altitude, however the combination of steep climbing and high elevations requires a high level of endurance and physical fitness. Contact us for more information.

Price Details

Guide : Client Ratio 2019 : USD/person
1:2 $7,000
2:3 $6,800
2:4 $6,000


What's Included

Package price is per person ex Lima.  
For inclusions and exclusions please refer to our Peru Trip Information Page


Itinerary / Trip Options (multi)

Day 1

 3 June  Arrive in Lima. Transfer from airport to hotel.


Day 2

 4 June Transfer from Lima to Huaraz (3,090m). Hotel in Huaraz.


Day 3

 5 June   Acclimatization day trek Huaraz - Rataquenua (3,300m) - Pukaventana (3,600m) - Huaraz. Several days are needed to acclimatize to the high elevation. This day hike includes panoramic views from high above Huaraz. Night in Huaraz.


Day 4

 6 June Acclimatization day trek Huaraz - Lake Churup (4,485m) or Lake Auhac (4,580m) - Huaraz. Night in Huaraz. A great day to boost your acclimatization. After a one hour drive to Pitec we will walk with day packs and have lunch at the waters edge at Laguna Churup, views of the SW face of Churup.


Day 5

 7 June Huaraz - Pashpa - Ishinca Base Camp (4,350m).  The Ishinca valley is often regarded as the best valley to visit because of its beauty, proximity to Huaraz and quality of peaks. We will transfer to the tiny Quechua village of Pashpa and load up our burros (donkeys) and begin the trek to base camp. You can choose to travel with just a light daypack or allow your burro to carry your gear.


Day 6

 8 June Ishinca Base Camp  - Lake Toclla - Ishinca Base Camp.  This is an acclimatization trek. Night at Ishinca Base Camp.


Day 7

 9 June Travel from Ishinca Base Camp to the Ishinca Morraine Camp.  Overnight at Morraine Camp.  


Day 8

 10 June Morraine Camp - Ishinca Summit (5,530m) - Morraine Camp -  Base Camp. Summit day on Ishinca involves climbing and traversing on easy angled, glaciated terrain on the NW slopes to the summit. Roping up and travelling in crampons is essential, but this peak is non-technical and is rated approximately PD- or NZ 1+. The summit of Ishinca offers excellent views from the head of the Ishinca valley towards neighbouring Ranrapalca and Tocllaraju (our next objective).


Day 9

 11 June Rest Day - Contingency Day in Base Camp



Day 10

 12 June Base Camp – Tocllaraju morraine camp (4,900m).  After some rest we will climb up to a camp just on the edge of the glacier depending on conditions. This will allow an early start on crampons the following day. The morraine camp provides some beautiful views of the steep West face.


Day 11

 13 June Morraine Camp - Tocllaraju Summit (6,032m) - Morraine Camp - Base Camp. From an early start on the moraine camp we will negotiate some crevassed terrain to climb one of the most beautiful peaks in this range via the NW ridge. This is a classic climb, graded at D or NZ grade 3 due to the short steep summit pyramid at about 55 degrees. Summit to base camp could take 8-10 hours.




Day 12

 14 June Base Camp - Pashpa - Huaraz. Descend back down the Ishinca Valley through grass fields and native forest to Pashpa. One hour transfer to Huaraz. Night in Huaraz.




Day 13

 15 June Rest day in Huaraz.



Day 14

 16 June Huaraz - Llanganuco - Chopicalqui Morraine Camp (4,900m). Our transport takes us to the town of Yungay and up the Llanganuco Valley. Chopicalqui Morraine Camp is reached after a steep climb up one side of the Chopicalqui glacier. Around 4-5 hours from the road.



Day 15

 17 June Morraine Camp - Camp I Chopicalqui (5,300m). Further easy climbing through relatively straightforward glaciated terrain to a high camp near the southwest ridge. This will allow some rest before an early start on summit day. 3 hours




Day 16

 18 June Camp I - Chopicalqui Summit (6,354m) - C I - Moraine Camp.  This is one of the most prominent peaks in the area and affords unparalleled views of the Huascaran national park. Summit day involves negotiating 30 degree slopes through glaciated terrain, culminating in a summit pyramid of approx 55 degree ice. It can often involve a short crux of 80 degree ice for up to 10m. It is graded at PD+ or NZ grade 2+.



Day 17

 19 June Morraine Camp - Llanganuco Road - Huaraz.
Transfer Llanganuco - Huaraz.
Night in Huaraz.




Day 18

 20 June Transfer Huaraz - Lima. Night in Lima.



Day 19

 21 June Transfer Hotel - Airport for return flight.


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